October 5


Trigger Message: Epigenetics

By heheals

October 5, 2020

This message is for anyone who is dealing with physical ailments, a medical diagnosis, or pessimistic views about aging.

You are in charge of your DNA, and all of the cells that comprise your physical 3D avatar.

Further research if the message resonates with you:
Self-directed evolution
Kryon and his description of “innate.”

I must note here that there is a place in our world for both natural and allopathic (traditional) medicine. It’s important that you consider all opinions and make decisions based on all information presented to you. Many doctors of Western medicine are lightworkers and have been placed there by orchestrated design. Consider all options for regaining health.



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  1. Why is it when i imagine being some place i can feel what ever I’m thinking of as easily as in the body? Is that the part of the conciousness thats in non physical because its real fun to think of something and instantly experience it. And then have it play out slowly in this body. I’m blind in this life so i don’t see anything accept light. Just wondering if everyone imagines so vividly they can feel things as solid as here.

  2. Please do another live video. The last one was neat. I was listening to a Seth book called the unknown reality volume 2. With talks about a human civilization who lived they’re whole lives in what we call the dream world and there dreams were in this kind of world we think is real. Pretty cool. Thought I’d run that by you and see what you think.

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