October 7


Nephilim Epigenetics, Suspicious Women and the Rise of the X-men

By heheals

October 7, 2020

Here is another short segment from my lecture at the 2015 Nephilim, Monsters & Giants Conference. In this one, I address the likelihood of female Nephilim and use some documentary clips regarding the science of epigenetics to help support my thesis.



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  1. This is freaky stuff. This I why I think the Mark of the Beast will change your DNA. And I believe people are already being cloned. But the media won't tell you that because they are controlled by the god of this world system. Not the God of the Earth because the Earth belongs to God Almighty. Even after the fall of man. This is something people confuse. The god of this world is actually of this fallen age.

  2. I somehow new that evolution is a lie, I never cared to believe it. I believe the Bible histories for God doesn't lie & Jesus doesn't lie. The devil & his demons lie…jesus will never lie to me that's why I love Jesus.


  4. That story the scientists tell, that humans and chimps share 98% of the same genes IS A DELIBERATE LIE!

    What scientist don't tell you is what they call, "Junk DNA" shrinks that DNA compatibility from 98% to less than 85%. And, do you realise that the 85% 'junk DNA' ISN'T junk at all.

    It's just the part that scientists haven't figured out yet.

    So, in their typical arrogant way, scientists call it 'junk'.

    Well, I'm here to tell you, God hasn't made junk, ever!

  5. But see the "Theys" control and do things to us to give us diseases and what not. Like chem trails GMO's and whatever they've done to our food supply our water supply our air. They are trying to change things by manipulating DNA.

  6. I'm sure you have heard before what uncovering your father's nakedness means in Torah and when Noah said Canaan is to be a servant to his brothers he didn't have any brothers from Ham and his wife yet but you got the source of who his brothers are when it says these are the generations of Noah and it lists 3 men born to Noah's wife where Noah is the father and one son born to Noah's wife but Ham is the father and that son is to be a servant to his brothers. So it might point a finger at Noah's wife might have changed DNA after birthing those 3 boys. Just a thought.

  7. Just wow…. God,English, Satan, Anything of God power,Trust, faith, or Understanding,Belief,of life period… Overstands creations of All things (All) things are from the Creator of All things and is perfection. Nothing is wrong with anything that was created. Life is life. And the understanding of that. Will set you all free. When you understand self love creates love for all gods creations. The rest don't exist. When you truly understand the word of God then you wouldn't even speak on the rest. The word is universal law in layman's terms. Live by the laws and you can see no wrong or pass no judgment. If you understand the word. You would just be. And teach what you feel and not try and push it on others. You want to know what the word is saying from each and every source ever written. It's saying be the best righteous person you can be. And then you will find the kingdom of God. A tree is a tree. It doesn't do anything but grows and dies. Grow in righteous no matter the source because people will only pass on their understanding. But what you understand can only be yours. Because no one can feel or understanding anything the way you do. We are individuals. You can't understand,feel or anything else for anyone else. You always come to your own. It's not that difficult. But you judge others religious beliefs and say you are of god or a true believer. Not sure if God message is that. Naw I'm sure. If any of you say anything about Santa claus. Then you are a liar. And God wouldn't approve of the lie right. Nothing is for the sake of your reasoning when you truly understand the word. A killer isn't any different from a person who cuts down a tree… That doesn't use that tree for the purpose of life cycle God has created. Birds eat ants and worms. But let the birds fall dead to the earth and ants and worms eat the birds. Life is life people. Be the most righteous person you can be. And you are doing God's law. Love,love,love everything unconditionally with no judgment. Or you are not Godly period.. Say I'm lying. If you think I am.. Notice ! I said! I Am! Then you truly don't understand anything you are reading.

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