October 7


Science 101 for Parents: How Epigenetics is Revolutionizing the Understanding of Heredity

By heheals

October 7, 2020

David Allis, The Rockefeller University: To fully understand how genes work, you need to know about epigenetics, the study of chemical modifications that can dramatically alter a gene’s function without changing any of its DNA. Epigenetic changes can arise in response to factors such as stress, diet, or exercise behavior and–contrary to all expectations–can be passed from one generation to the next. At the spring 2011 Parents & Science program, distinguished biochemist DAVID ALLIS discussed the impact of epigenetics on the science of evolution, the study of human health, and the development of new treatments for cancer and other diseases.

Parents & Science: http://parentsandscience.rockefeller.edu/index

C. David Allis’ Bio: http://www.rockefeller.edu/research/faculty/labheads/DavidAllis/




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