October 8


Dr Joel Wallach ND, DVM Lecture with Q&A 3rd Oct 2020

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October 8, 2020

Dr Joel Wallach. ND, DVM Lecture with Q&A 3rd Oct 2020
0:00 – Intro by Ken Smith – associate of Doc Wallach for over 30 years and Jamel Boukabou – 2 Star Executive, Youngevity International
2:20 – Dr Wallach lecture – Dean Jones the Australia cricketer – heart attacks – epigenetics – sudden infant death syndrome – birth defects – arterial fibrillation –
25:00 – Heather from Queensland – rosacea eczema and colitis
30:45 – Diamond Ambassador Tom Chenault and Doc Wallach including The Great Barrier Reef
43:30 – Trish for Auckland – atrial fibrillation and broken hip
48:30 – Michael from Australia – cholesterol and inflamation
51:40 – Steve in Adelaide – best supplements in tablet form
55:00 – Karen from Perth – myeloid leukemia
59:40 – Vivienne from Christchurch – husband with a knee replacement

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