October 8


Dr. Kevin Hoffarth: COVID, CBD, the Impact of Emotion on Health and More!

By heheals

October 8, 2020

“Your health is a life-time river, winding and flowing throughout the years, and it reacts to what you do, how you treat yourself, your life experiences. Eventually everyone hits the waterfall which is that free fall into a health event.” Dr. Kevin Hoffarth

Treat yourself to better health and wellness as host John Malanca discusses the impact of stress, life events, nutrition, cannabis and more in this informative podcast with Kevin Hoffarth, MD.

Dr. Hoffarth, self-described as anti-cannabis, changed his mind as the science became undeniable. In a complex world, John opens up about his beloved wife, Corinne’s life, her work in cannabis and eventual diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. As we listen, Corinne’s legacy lives on as she continues to teach each of us that stress events may create a silent cascade which puts us on the precipice of our personal waterfall.

Dr. Hoffarth’s knowledge of rehab medicine reminds all of us to treat ourselves well and that you are what you eat, and ultimately high school science was right; a body at rest stays at rest…which is not healthy in today’s stressful world!

John and Kevin wrap the pod cast by discussing immunity boosting in a COVID world.

Listen in!

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