October 8


Webinar: Differential chromatin accessibility map, a new resource for studying wheat genome function

By heheals

October 8, 2020

IWGSC Webinar 10/07/2020

Title: Differential chromatin accessibility map as a new resource for studying wheat genome function & genotype-to-trait relationships

Presenter: Presenter: Eduard Akhunov, Professor, Kansas State University, USA
Outline: Development of new genomic resources including reference genomes of wild and cultivated wheat, re-sequenced wheat diversity panels, TILLING populations, and gene expression atlases, combined with wealth of phenomic data provide unique opportunity to investigate genetic mechanisms underlying agronomic trait variation. However, identification of functional variants affecting biological processes controlling these traits still represent a major challenge. To better characterize functional and structural organization of the wheat genome and create a map of functionally active regions, in the Wheat CAP, we have performed genome-wide profiling of chromatin accessibility states using digestion with different concentrations of MNase. By integrating multiple layers of genomic data, we investigated variation in chromatin accessibility states in relation to gene density, gene expression levels, epigenetic marks, intergenic distance, transposable element (TE) content and composition, and chromosomal position.

We will present our results during this webinar.

Reference: Jordan, K.W., He, F., de Soto, M.F. et al. Differential chromatin accessibility landscape reveals structural and functional features of the allopolyploid wheat chromosomes. Genome Biol 21, 176 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1186/s13059-020-02093-1

Slides of the presentation can be downloaded here: http://www.wheatgenome.org/IWGSC-Activities/Webinars/Differential-chromatin-accessibility-map-as-a-new-resource-for-studying-wheat-genome-function-genotype-to-trait-relationships



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