October 9


Podcast 207 How to use your thoughts to influence your gene expression for now & future generations

By heheals

October 9, 2020

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When we think of genes, we tend to think about the genes we do have and the ones we don’t have, not the genes we can change. But the truth is that we have a lot of control over our genetic activity. Yes, some genes we cannot do much about, but the vast majority of our DNA listens to us: our thoughts, choices and behavior. In this podcast I speak with Harvard professor, neuroscientist and researcher Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi, one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people and founder of the field of neurogenetics, about the influence we have over our genetic activity, how our lifestyle impacts our wellbeing on the level of our DNA, how to keep our brains and bodies young and healthy, the relationship between spirituality and science, the power of mindful thinking, and so much more!

Read the blog here: https://drleaf.com/blogs/news/how-to-use-your-thoughts-to-influence-your-gene-expression-for-now-and-future-generations-the-five-most-widespread-myths-about-the-brain-that-may-be-limiting-your-potential-with-dr-rudolph-tanzi

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Podcast Highlights
-The importance of deep thinking to learn and understand 
-The close relationship between science and spirituality 
-Genes, epigenetics and how we can control our DNA expression
-Why what we think today can affect future generations
-How our lifestyle choices can prevent Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline
-Why learning is about brain connectivity, not brain activity

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  1. With all of the love and positivity that I have to spare I must say none of this information is new, and what will probably be looked back and laughed at is who Disturbed the information and put out the disinformation in the first, who created the modern paradigm of complete ignorance in which we're trying to come out of?? When people are honest and sincere about how why and who caused the Paradigm shift then we can make progress and prevent it from occuring again in the far future. To be honest we devolved from knowing High spiritual science. We're not evolving into this, we already knew that everything was spiritual. All until one group went around the world and decided that it wasn't and here we are living the results of that. I'm sorry, I'm not pointing fingers, I'm stating history, I like dealing in truth. We can't make progress unless we deal with the truth of the matter. How did we get into this state of ignorance? Most civilizations and cultures had high science and operated according to it, until they were labelled savages and ignorant, and now the descendants of the label makers are discovering the facts of spiritual science and all of a sudden its no longer ignorant, or savage. Now its trendy? Those civilizations were living their life according to high science, and then labelled savage and ignorant, the world updated with the "non" savage paradigm, which is how we arrived here. So in essence we're coming to understand those civilizations wasn't ignorant nor Savage. Seems the group of people that labelled them as ignorant and Savage and plunged us into darkness and ignorance, maybe they are the true ignorant Savages. Following historical paper trail. Seems like that group of people that caused the paradigm shift all they did was evolve Technologies and devolve Humanity.

  2. This IS SOO INCREDIBLY GREAT Science & Spirituality Quantum Physics BRAIN & THOUGHTS Dr Tanzi shares w/such simple breakdown…I am User of my Brain Observe 'What' my Brain is doing I AM NOT driven I Can drive…A MUST WATCH..I hope we have Dr Tanzi talk 2us again w/DrLeaf..2 Greats!!

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