October 10



By heheals

October 10, 2020

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Dr. Bruce Lipton, American developmental biologist and expert in epigenetics.

His pioneering research at Stanford University revealed that the environment controlled the physiology and behaviour of our cells.

Dr. Lipton’s books “The Biology of Belief”, “Spontaneous Evolution” and “The Honeymoon Effect” explain the mechanisms of consciousness and perceptions that control our health, genetics and the nature of our lives.

During this coronavirus pandemic he is providing insight into our biology, the impact of the mainstream media, and how people can protect themselves.

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  1. Dr Bruce I need to talk with you soon about your study I was born in 1967 when u did studies on cells renaming them stem cells. I received stem cells in 2017 and they worked for a few years. Is it possible the process and I responded differently as to why it did not last? Or is it the life of process to work only 2-3 years also I am interested in calling you for an interview about mental health and specific communities. Thank you

  2. First Bruce you yourself are in poor physical condition. Take off your shirt dude and look in the mirror-
    Not only are you out of shape and aging rapidly- you need dental work. Plus you are babbling on about fight or flight lions and tigers. Your lost dude and you are not an authority on health in any way shape or form.

  3. I Love this message. I find it fitting with the early 1900 teaching on metaphysics which addresses the issue of the conscious affecting the subconscious which Dr Lipton calls programming. The world needs this today!

  4. Wonder what he’s thinking now! Hospitals are at capacity where I life and in many other areas. Disappointing that he compares it to the flu. The flu has never overtaken hospitals and it also typically kills less than 30000 annually. Last time I checked we had over $130000 deaths in less than five months.

  5. We were born in heaven, we are in heaven, we can create anything, we are the creators, but unfortunately we often create from programs of fear, create from love, gratitude, service and this is heaven. We can transform the World to a place of love and creativity

  6. I was under the impression that the majority of people on ventilators do not survive. How does this square up with his comment that if we can get hospital care and get a ventilator, we will survive? Also, he doesn't address the scenario where hospitals get overwhelmed.

  7. What I think Bruce is trying to say here, is true. Fear/stress will make you fall ill, but people do need some fear, in order to make change and protect themselves. Covid 19 is something to be mindful of. Protect themselves by being wary and changing their diet and overall health.

  8. Science tends to go over my head, but Dr. Bruce Lipton made it so understandable to me. I even took notes and will review them so that I can pass it along to my family and friends. Thank you for connecting science and spirituality in a way that is the beauty of evolution/life. We all do need to come together for the greater good and stop having people separate us because we are one. Without love, there is no meaning to life.

  9. GOD put down his foot – stopped the World – ISAIAH 66:1 Heaven is HIS throne and the Earth is HIS footstool (resting place)- New Heaven, New Earth – Isaiah 66:22-23 – read it – No fear only follow HIS PLAN about CORONA – Surprise on the way Shavuot / Pentecost 2020 ! Amen.

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