October 11


MoC 6 | Trinity, Union, Healing

By heheals

October 11, 2020

In episode six I start things off explaining the personal meaning behind ‘Monad of Creation’ and a few other points that needed brushing up on. Trinity: holy trinity, triadic consciousness, father, mother, son, etc. All these terms and interpretations of consciousness are signposts to creation the laws governing it and its conception. Union: sacred union, hieros gamos, indwelling ascent… One must become the ruler of Self and all energies WITHIN to make lasting change and harmony WITHOUT. These dynamics are explained for folks of all worldviews so do not worry if put off this moment. These are fundamental dynamics and principles of a True holistic spirit-led path. Healing: evolution, epigenetics, and kryst consciousness are touched on here. I share my experiential knowledge on this path that may offer helpful insight to those curious and encouragement for those far along the path. All is well.

Hails, thanks, and blessings to all who have crossed my path. If you wish to support and connect head over to patreon!




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