October 11


The #1 Most Powerful Epigenetic Trigger: SURPRISING

By heheals

October 11, 2020

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No one, not even most doctors, typically think of this powerful epigenetic trigger. Find out what it is.


The shocking truth about your health with Lissa Rankin M.D. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tu9nJmr4Xs

0:05 What is epigenetics?
0:38 What influences epigenetics?
1:22 Spontaneous remission
2:28 The most powerful epigenetics trigger

Today we’re going to talk about the most powerful trigger of epigenetics.

What is epigenetics?
Epigenetics are the factors that are outside of your genes that affect your genes and turn them on or off (expressed or silenced). Epigenetics are the controlling factors for what diseases you may get, how long you may live, and what may happen to your health.

What influences epigenetics:

1. Environment
2. Drugs
3. Diet
4. Age
5. Nutritional deficiencies
6. Stress
7. Exercise
8. Thoughts, beliefs, etc.

There is a term called spontaneous remission. For example, let’s say someone has a disease, and all of a sudden, it goes in remission, or they’re HIV positive, and all of a sudden they’re HIV negative, or they have a tumor and all of a sudden it disappeared. In her book, “Mind Over Medicine,” Lissa Rankin M.D. talks about spontaneous remission as well as the placebo effect.

Your mental state and your thoughts can have a huge effect on epigenetics. This helps explain why it can be much more difficult to heal if you’re in a stress state.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
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Thanks for watching! I hope this video helps you better understand this important epigenetic trigger.



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  1. Wonderful video! You may not know it, but you’ve probably saved somebody’s life by giving them hope to change their thoughts about a recent diagnosis!

  2. Hey Dr. Berg, another great video. I know you list exercise but I wonder if it might be worthwhile to specifically list muscle mass. As humans decline in muscle mass their life expectancy tracks right along.

  3. Psychosomatic is all there is. Nutrition is just ancillary. That's why positive loving grateful stress free people with a fair diet can vibrantly outlive angry stressed out anxious people on a perfect diet. Thoughts are everything in your life.

  4. I think it should be illegal for a Dr to tell a person how long they have to live. They aren't God. They could say, 'this is a very aggressive form of cancer.' etc, but to give a time is cruel and arrogant.

  5. Dr. Berg. I started intermittent fasting, feel great, cut the carbs, eat more fat…… but why my PH is at a all time low 5.5????
    Meat, fish, cheez, dairy, + vitamins and minerals with omega 3 6 9. Butter in my coffee, coconut oil +++
    Something I'm doing wrong? My KETONES are a little high for the first time?

  6. That’s a big part of people seeing psychics…..they tell you what’s going to happen to you but really YOU make what they say a self fulfilling prophecy. It’s all up to you, not a psychic.

  7. This video is confusing.
    It's philosophical, not medical.
    Believing what you believe is not a thought. It's existential. Consider the opposite: not believing what you believe. See, it's impossible. You can't undo a step; undoing a step IS ANOTHER STEP. You can't undo a thought; it's just another thought. Health, for example, is way different than BELIEVING you are healthy. We human beings are not GOD; believing we are GOD doesn't make it so. God's grace is a blessing NOT EARNED by thinking about GOD, health, or blessing. It's just grace. Therefore, in my opinion, health is grace. With that said, our health is dependent on our choices. A person in a state of grace is likely to do healthy things. Doing healthy things makes a person healthy, and that includes having healthy thoughts. But, an abundance of grace precludes the health acquired. Fundamentally speaking, God wants us to be healthy, so we are given the grace to choose it. That's what I believe anyway.

  8. Stress is overrated. Don't stress about stress its like getting tiger by the tail.
    Most of the time the way out is to think of possibilities and act in that direction, for example, giving a call , looking for a new house. Put your productive effort in that direction.
    Do something about it or let go two options or just ignore.
    So in simple words,
    Do something about it
    let go

    Surround yourself with positive people, ignore negative peopole.
    Listen. say fell and do only positive things, get your hand off the stove.

  9. Epigenetics is a VERY interesting field of study. MicroRNa also, and their control of the microbiome (did you know dr Berg that micro RnA control the microbiome to the point that even with fecal transplant, the result is only temporary because most transplant will fail because of microRNA which control bacteria in the guts?). Anyway I had read a couple of papers about that in my spare time some years ago. Don't know if it is still a valid theory.

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