October 11


What we think, we become ~ Dr Bruce Lipton ~ Epigenetics!

By heheals

October 11, 2020

Dr. Bruce Lipton explains Epigenetics. How thoughts, beliefs & perceptions affect cell growth & how telomeres length affect longevity.



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  1. Ejjj Bruce Lipton Thank you….☀️😘 This knowledge transforms science as well as eastern wisdom and maybe also religions and with that also my inner vision on myself and it combines the hole more in unity…..🤔🤗
    Thank you again Bruce…😘

  2. OK Dr.Bruce.What happens when you cark it.We all know thru your Vids what you are saying.This is the 2nd Vid I have watched right thru.How to, concerning death.What to prolong death.Then what? Gosh! this was 2yrs ago.Hello Dr Bruce, are you still alive are you still existing.

  3. God created the universe with words. That's how powerful words are. So the words we tell ourselves we have in our minds are influencing our lives because the bible says words can either build or destroy our future.

  4. What do you think of the protein produced by the liver called Gc-MAF discovered by lyne Thayer and david knokes here in Britain, 98%cancer cure according to there studies simply check out Gc-MAF

  5. When human fell into stress then he can bad habits attracted then they smoking, gambling , womanisim , mild created chemicals received kokine they spoil their life .we cannot change them they addite the bad habits .this is full pressure on parents what they can do raised their hands in air only only on person response is created by yourself only father help, mother help nothing you are spoiled your body your are victim that is your future you created it self . Yshk viswanatham Msc,Bed.

  6. Stress how to arrived on human in your work is no positive on your work then it shoulnot give positive results then your body fell in stress if you do on your work I. Positively then it is real work going on it will be success but when you do not do in positively then stress on your body be created stress on students. Before time cell games chatting with girl friends , mails forward then before time wasted on studies exams coming before with out proper preparation you cannot write examination then your friends shine in education you feel in stress on your body when before time positively not doing then stress on your body. Yshkviswanatham MscBed .

  7. One thing yesterday for get yesterday problem with add no children problems in their blood tests reesesfactors must coinside if not coinside then no poissible to get children +&- male +, female – if reverse it +&- Reese's factors if doesn't match it then no posibble to get children.this is also one of the facotor .yshk viswanatham MscBed

  8. I myself, have to practice what I hear from Dr Bruce at my 67 yrs….repeat, repeat, repeat. 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘 for Dr Bruce😀😄😀😄😘😜

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