October 12


#Epigenetics – Dichotomous Logic and The Philosophical Aspects of Cultural Difference

By heheals

October 12, 2020

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Privilege is a special advantage, immunity, permission, right, or benefit granted to or enjoyed by an individual, class, or caste. Such a right or advantage held as a prerogative of status or rank, and exercised to the exclusion or detriment of others.

There are three steps necessary to form an ‘ism’:
1. Use cultural bias to determine which characteristics are good or which are bad.
2. State who is good and who is bad.
3. Socialize everyone to believe the ‘ism’ to be truth and to act upon that truth.

About Dr. Edwin Nichols:

Edwin J. Nichols, PhD., is the author of Cultural Competence in America’s Schools: Leadership, Engagement and Understanding (http://amzn.to/2iXOcwe). He is a Clinical/Industrial Psychologist, working in Organization Development. He is Director of Nichols and Associates, Inc., an applied behavioral science firm. The goal is to restructure organizations to achieve systemic congruence in process through cultural competence in leadership.

Dr. Nichols’ hallmark paradigm: The Philosophical Aspects of Cultural Difference affords insights into the essence of ethnic difference from the philosophical disciplines of Axiology, Epistemology, and Logic. The awareness of self and others facilitates cultural competence in leadership, which affords the full utilization of their multiethnic, pluralistic and linguistically diverse workforce.

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Please watch: “The Innerground Railroad Official Trailer”




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  1. Congratulations Brother Philippe, Another phenomenal show with a brilliant scholar. Dr. Edwin Nichol's axiology is a tremendous asset to understanding how to navigate the next four years. Keep On Keepin' On. It ain't over 'til we win. Kaba Hiawatha

  2. This was an excellent program today. Thank you for this knowledge. It has opened my eyes wider as to how different groups think and how I will be able to interact better in this society and at work. knowing my blueprint is a great way of understanding how to build my excellence and teach my offspring in that essence.

  3. 07:10 – Epistemology 🤔 I would love an entire show on Dr. Edwin breaking this down to help us learn HOW each of these groups KNOW/LEARN. Brother Phillipe please make that show happen. Dr. Edwin is a precious gem and our Dear Elder.

  4. Great show BUT PAY ATTENTION TO THE POST? I am not scholar but we as a people trying to explain our situation latch on to anything MY Point is epigenetics can explain heredity psychological trauma What's to stop eugenics movement promoting it to defend there ideology? WELL I DONE MY HOMEWORK. the word eugenics was first coined by COMRAD WADDINGTON in the thirties this scientists signed the EUGENICS MANIFESTO promoting the use of eugenics. .we want to still promote this pseudo science as fact. epigenetics has nothing to do with hereditary psychological trauma..WE BETTER WAKE UP AND STOP PROMOTING THIS BULL. but unfortunately this won't happen cause we Romanticise every thing ….PEACE

  5. Dr. Nichols is removing the blinders and taking all who can hear his wisdom into the light of true deliverance…..A blessing to us all he is…Bro Philippe please keep the knowledge coming my Brotha and Thank you for all you do for us all…!!!

  6. “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together” African proverbs

    Ubuntu: Ancient African word Bantu meaning HUMANITY or I am, because of who we are.

  7. Somehow I missed this lecture and caught the last one first which led me here. Dr. Nichols is a National Treasure! To glean this information has been an extraordinary gift. I did my undergraduate work in Sociology and I wish I could have sat with someone like this in school. Thank you again Philippe for the content that you choose to share on your channel. I am elated to see this! You Rock Brother Philippe!

  8. Stumbled upon your show… Thank you for what you do and all the different people and perspectives that you share. I look forward to seeing more of you and learning more. Happy Martin Luther King Day

  9. Is Dr. Nichols coming back? Seeing this while getting my master's in education. Just a confirmation of what I am learning. Especially his last comments. I find myself asking how the issues effect our community. His break down of cultural pedagogy mind blowing.

  10. On the 'inferiority' of black biz, I have to mention that the rep of being poorly run plays out in real life far too often. Of course not all black businesses fit this meme but I have tried again and again to support black businesses only to be disappointed by basic lack of integrity. And we don't want to hear it. I understand the dynamics which have created this (the trappings of success vs substance) but we need to be consistent. The roots run deep and this, like everything else, starts with healing, loving self thus one another.

    We can do better

  11. Excellent. The cultural differences exhibited within this interview, i.e. the deductive methodology (western) used to arrive at conclusions which basically sum up the Dogon story of creation. In that mythos, presented marvelously by Dr. Marimba Ani's work on the "incomplete asili" the original seed was intended to create the harmonious, collective cohesion natural to indigenous cultures. But the immaturity of one aspect caused this 'incomplete' fractured reality where parts work separately which, ultimately does not work for the whole
    Thx again. Great programming 🙂


  12. Your guest is a perfect example of a Eurocentric ally educated black man. Eurocentricity tends to take a simple concept and make it into something complex by making a lot superficial divisions where they are not needed. I have never heard so many different classifications of people in my lifetime. Why does he find it so necessary call out differences between people instead of looking for commonologies that we all have. This is exactly what Eurocentric education is about and that is to create as many divisions among people as possible. My problem with this as it relates to the plight of African people today is that it further distances from one another. No disrespect intended to your guest, I am certain that he is a brilliant intellectual.

  13. This soulific.It is exactly the kind of information I expect from the Philippe Matthews show.Simply transformative. Thank you to all involved in this presentation for it to take place.much appreciated.

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