October 12


Epigenetics & The Secret of Life (Part 2)

By heheals

October 12, 2020


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It was once thought that genes could turn themselves on and off, and in the process, they could control the character of our lives. This belief led to the conclusion that our fate was controlled by the genome we acquired from our mother and father at the moment of conception. Unfortunately, if we do not like the traits we inherited, we cannot change our genes. When we combine these facts with the notion that genes control their own activity, we are left with the inescapable conclusion that we are “victims” of our heredity and should anticipate expressing the diseases and negative traits passed down through our family lineage.

In contrast, my stem cell experiments carried out in the late 60’s revealed that genes are not self-actualizing, simply, they are unable to control their own activity. These studies illuminated the new science of epigenetics, which revealed that our genetic activity is ultimately controlled by both a) environmental signals and b) our perception of the environment’s signals. Since we can consciously select our environments and we have control over our perceptions, in truth, we are actually “masters” of our genetic activity.

Current research emphasizes that less than 10%, and perhaps closer to only 1%, of all diseases are actually due to genes. In fact, there are only six major disorders that are controlled by a single gene, which include cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, Huntington’s disease, Tay-Sachs disease, hereditary hemochromatosis, and Marfan syndrome. In light of this fact, the most profoundly important question to ask is, “Where does 90%, or more, of disease come from?” Answer, “Our own minds.”

If an individual’s mind holds a “belief” that they anticipate expressing a specific disease, it can actually precipitate that illness, and even death itself. Does that imply we are consciously creating illness? Absolutely not! Disease-inducing negative thoughts, recognized as the nocebo effect, operate unconsciously and are almost always related to self-critical and disempowering beliefs acquired from parents, family, and even doctors, before the age of seven. Such beliefs downloaded into the subconscious mind control 95% or more of our cognitive activity and our resulting life experiences.

Rather than responding to negative prognoses and depending on pharmaceutical interventions in dealing with disease, it is vital that we first assess subconscious programs and identify and rewrite limiting beliefs that undermine our power and our health. If this conclusion sounds too simple, recognize a very important fact: Quantum physics is the most tested and valid of all sciences on Earth. A fundamental principle of this science emphasizes that, “consciousness is responsible for the character of our lives.”

In conjunction with the new science of epigenetics, both biology and physics emphasize that we are “creators” of our life experiences. Free your mind and your life … for more information on acquiring self-empowerment, visit www.brucelipton.com.

With Love and Light,

Video Produced & Edited by: Alex Lipton – The Video Shaman



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  1. I love you Dr Lipton, I hope your work will be known to all humans soon. I've been watching your videos and I've learn a lot from you including your 2 amigos Dr Joe Dispensa and Gregg Braden… Thank you for sharing your great works. 😇

  2. Soooooooo Beautifully done! Doctor Bruce Lipton, your work has inspired me to want to Live as if I have only just been born… Best wished from a 20 years ago diagnosed "alcoholic-addict-depressive with borderline personality disorder" and other such labels I never truly believed……the beginning of heavenly life – as my gut always suspected – is NOW… Thank you thank you thank you!

  3. A scientist truly interested in life?! Just the video format shows a lightheartedness that science seems to be lacking! Kind of celebratory of the information rather than 'educating' it into someones mind! I am glad BigSib mentioned you!

  4. I am hoping someone can think with me on this thought I have. Beliefs controls our genetic expression and that’s pretty clear to me. Also, cells are destroyed and created every single day! We have completely different bones every 7 years so everything is in movement and nothing is stagnant. For this reason, it’s possible for a women with no curves (athletic body type I should say) to create a more harmonious and curvier body? How can technology help with that, did anyone ever think of something like this? I mean, there are stem cells being used for various things, wouldn’t this be something interesting to consider? What else is possible? If perception changes reality, therefore a body structure should be malleable! Any considerations on this? I would love to hear from Dr. Bruce Lipton on this thinking and even work on it!

  5. Dr Bruce, While watching this video, I've been thinking about the self assembling nano bacteria being sprayed and inhaled by everything on this planet…(without our consent)…. that can be pulsed and used to manipulate humans and who knows what else… how does this figure into this video?

  6. I like your philosophies, however, the problem with DNA and anything that is too small to see with a light-based microscope, is that we truly have no idea what the reality is. DNA can only be viewed with an electron microscope, the problem is that it requires a vacuum (no water or biological life can survive), must be securely mounted (good luck securely mounting something you can't see), AND then coated with metal!!!! We draw innumerable conclusions based on methods that are sketchy at best, and no one has ever actually seen what we claim is going on at these levels. Describing outcomes is not the same as explaining the why and the how, modern science doesn't seem to understand the ramifications of this.

    The same occurs with viruses and other scary scientific inventions. No one has ever witnessed this so-called virus monster actually doing what it is claimed to do, a virus has never been properly isolated (Kochs postulates just ignored), yet our entire system of medicine is based on this Germ Theory (thanks Pasteur) where we fight evil viruses and bacteria with modern technology and drugs…ignorantly I must say.

  7. ❤🥰💋❤🧡💛💚💙💜💎😘🙏💜🧞‍♀️💜💙🧞‍♂️💙🌈😍💋We create our own world , what you think is what you get and are💎🌠💎🌠💎🌠💎🥰😍😘thank you Bruce !welcome to the 5th dimension🥰

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