October 12



By heheals

October 12, 2020

JORDAN MAXWELLMARK PASSIO/Epigenetics 2018 SupportJordan by joining his research society at https://jordanmaxwellshow.com/



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  1. Max forgot, he said jesus didn't exist, which I agree wholeheartedly and covered that topic in a last talk, then In this talk he says, jesus tried to change the world but couldn't, probably merely meant the symbolic gesture to it all!?

  2. If somebody would ask you,what would you like to listen the night before you depart to the next dimension ,I would say for sure Jordan
    Maxwell ,he pretty much answer all the questions that I needed it to know and I never get bore listening to his conferences and interviews.
    Thank you JM for sharing all your knowledge.

  3. Sheeple don't talk 'bout criminals cause they have a part and an intrest in that cover up .. or…
    They're afraid their own imperfections will be noticed/talked about. Sheeple don't have the umph and the courage to make that leap of faith.
    We're ALL imperfect; but we don't conspire w/our cousins & friends globally to mass murder humanity.
    Wake the F*ck up from your trance sheeple.

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