October 13


Epigenetics And The Biology Of Belief – Dr. Bruce Lipton Interview

By heheals

October 13, 2020

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On this episode you will learn:

* Which drink is clinically proven to help improve your sleep at night.
* What genetic determinism means.
* How conventional medicine can inherently train us to be powerless.
* How the environment can influence the destiny of a cell.
* What stem cells can teach us human potential.
* How your brain creates chemistry to match your feelings and beliefs.
* The important distinction between correlation and causation.
* What our genes actually do (this is important!).
* How the field of epigenetics is transforming health and medicine.
* The percentage of diseases that are controlled by genes (this will surprise you!).
* How our beliefs influence chronic diseases like cancer.
* What the placebo effect really is and how effective placebo treatments are.
* The fascinating way that certain cellular proteins function like television antennas.
* Where the actual “brain” of the cell is found (and it’s not where you might think!).
* How our perception impacts the functions of our cells.
* The different roles that our conscious and subconscious mind plays.
* How to switch out and upgrade our subconscious programs.

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  1. The intro is just awful!! Get on with it already, please! I was really interested in seeing the interview with dr. Lipton but honestly you're rambling is so random that I just can't. I really wanted to see it but I think I have to quit. Honestly like what the F are you going on about. Just do another video for that next time. I don't mean to be a hater but I came here just for dr. Lipton. Is he ever going to come onto your podcast? Or was this just clickbait?? Using his name just to talk about some milkshakes??

  2. Been listening to Bruce for a few years and he's easily one of the best minds alive. Brilliant and very kind. Food for thought…I think you'd conduct a fantastic interview with Gabor Mate.

  3. Bruce says for the subconscious to be programmed one can do this by habit (practice) and he mentions by doing a behavior repeatedly.. could thinking a thought be considered a repeated behavior? For example if I go into a social situation and I have the thought pop up "I'm not good enough" can I think as if I am good enough repeatedly..? Basically I'm asking can a "repeated behavior" be applied to limiting beliefs over and over again so I can get rid of it? Because I think about social situations and sometimes I do judge myself a lot but I think if I just kept on not judging myself it might become an engrained habit hopefully?

  4. OMG seriously!!! I´m so psyched about this episode, I had to comment before even listening. I just know this is going to be absolute bomb!!! Thank you always for the amazing content you provide and for bringing on such outstanding guests.

  5. Shawn and Dr Bruce Lipton thank you for this truly inspiring and empowering episode. I'm a sport and exercise university student from England and I've been listening to this podcast for over a year now and I'm a huge fan. I think this has to be my favourite episode so far. I'll definitely be checking out Dr Lipton's website and work. Shawn you're a true inspiration and have inspired me to want to also empower people through fitness, nutrition, psychology and health/wellbeing. Thank you for all the work you're doing and I'd sure hope to connect with or meet you someday!

  6. Awe we will miss you Jade! All the best to her. Always love the show thank you for sharing your gifts with us each week. Have fun in San diego…Let me know when you ready to visit the Cayman Islands we will be here arms and minds wide open!

  7. Hello I wanted to say good luck to Jade on her future plans and I enjoyed listening to her and her word of the day. Take care of best wishes to you Jade. Keep the the good work Shawn and I love listening to your podcast.

  8. My sister gained almost 100 pounds and need your advice. She was always fit, thin, and active but in 2008 she collapsed at work and found she had cancer with several tumors throughout her body; kidneys, liver, stomach, ovaries, thyroid. She had been exposed to environmental toxic chemicals, and after her tumors were removed, and completed treatment, she had to have her thyroid taken out. At one point she had septic shock and we almost lost her, her temperature soared to 110, but by the grace of God, she survived. However, the side effects caused her to gain weight and now she's not the sister I once knew. She can't exercise (with rigor or impact) like she used to because of the pain and isn't able to lose weight no matter what diet she seems to try. It's been 3 years and she refuses to leave the house, petrified that she will be made fun of or laughed at. She's terribly depressed. I'm really worried about her and looking for help. Any recommendations?

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