October 13


What is Epigenetics and how does it affect your skin?

By heheals

October 13, 2020


Welcome to the home of Aenea Cosmetics, a state-of-the-art anti-ageing skincare line, based on the science of Epigenetics, which is 100% vegan, (not tested on animals nor does it contain any animal derived ingredients), that promises to make your skin look younger, feel healthier and glow with a natural radiance.

‘Epigenetics’ is the study of heritable changes in our DNA, caused by the modification of the gene expression, without affecting the genetic code itself. Your probably thinking, I’m confused, well quite simply, we are born with a genetic code that tells us how we are going to age, however, throughout our life we are exposed to environmental aggressors such as air pollution, UV rays from the sun, radiation from our mobile phones and computer screens, stress through over exertion at work, a lack of sleep or too much coffee and negative lifestyle choices such as the wrong diet or over consumption of alcohol, all of which these factors (known as Epigenetic factors) can affect our gene expression, tricking our genetic code and causing us to age far quicker.

Not any more, our vegan products have gone deeper than science and have been thoroughly researched, developed and tested by the most experienced formulators to come up with a solution that using the most powerful ingredients we can target specific problem areas with an anti-aging focus, this is Epigenetics, the study ‘on top of your genes’, this is Aenea.

Please see the full range at http://www.aeneacosmetics.com



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