October 14


Dr. David Perlmutter: Intermittent Fasting, Epigenetics & What Sugar Really Does To Your Brain

By heheals

October 14, 2020

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Do you know what sugar really does to your brain?

Returning to Fat-Burning Man this week is Dr. David Perlmutter, neurologist and author whose groundbreaking books include Brain Maker and The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan.

Dr. Perlmutter is a board-certified neurologist and fellow of the American College of Nutrition specializing in preventative medicine. He has contributed extensively to medical literature, with publications in the Journal of Neurosurgery, Journal of Applied Nutrition, and Archives of Neurology.

You may have seen him on Oprah, Larry King, Dr. Oz, or the Today Show. I’ve been told he never leaves home without fresh avocados and sockeye salmon in the can. He even plays a mean guitar, ladies and gentlemen!

Coming up on the show, you’ll learn:

How food changes your genetic code
The effect of food on Alzheimer’s disease
The science of gratitude and health
What sugar does to your brain
And what to do every day to maintain health as you age

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  1. I am currently in the process of adapting to a ketogenic diet, I've stopped listening to all this vegan high carb nonsense…. I'm fasting 16 hours a day and my gut problems have reduced dramatically. I'm going to live this lifestyle for the rest of my life, I'm sleeping better and my skin has improved also.

  2. Bible says this, just in a different way.
    Jesus expects us to fast
    Bible says let food be thy medicine
    Bible talks about Daniel fast (veggies) being better than the ‘kings food’ which was bread etc.

    Bible = science
    Our Creator created what the world calls science. The Word of God is very scientific. Jesus loves you, seek him before it’s too late.
    Do you know what the Bible says is coming soon in the end of days?
    Don’t you think it would be wise to find out?

  3. This guy is a disinformation agent..a clever one tho, a paid plant put her by the top builderberg families or their henchmen most likely..he tells 90% truth about which foods are healthy/unhealthy and same with micro/macros..but soon as i heard him say 'nutriebt dense vegetables and gut bacteria IMPORTANT fiber and healthy omega 6 vegetable olis'??😲 i knew instantly he is a fuking shill..vegetables are man made mostly gmo antinutrient/phytotoxin, cellulose, fiber filled junk that humans never are before the last 7 thousand years, before agriculture..same with man made mostly gmo fructose filled fruit, unhealthy as hell..plus fruits and vegetables are carbs, and all carbs turn to SUGAR in the body..and any nutrients that vegetables/plants have is NOT DIGESTIBLE FOR HUMANS, and cellulose/fiber destroy our gut microbiome, NOT HELP IT..there are NO essential carbohydrates, only essential fats/proteins..and all oil/especially seed oils 'besides healthy coconut oil' are super toxic to humans and cause severe mental health issues, especially too much ir even any at all SEED/SEED OILS like vegetable oil and every other oil besides coconut oil..seed oils also cause flabby fat, and acne.

  4. Love your comment I cook at home very healthy food and last me for next day , I just lost 4 kilos my guts is gone no more food that had sugar instead I have juice make out of Spanish, carrots beats broccoli celery tomato I had this combination for breakfast I don’t have coffee tea and to feel a little bit full I have a bowl oatmeal

  5. I have watched so many YouTube videos around the healthiest way to eat and just about each and everyone of them points to ‘no sugar’, and in many cases including no fruit! I have yet to read ‘Grain Brain’ but will, although having experienced hypoglycaemia many times over the years, and the effect it has on my thinking processes (including passing out) I cannot understand how the brain is supposed to function without ‘sugar’. Hypoglycaemia attacks being brought on by low blood sugar. These videos talk about Type 2 diabetes and the great results on this disease, but there never seems to be any guidance or ‘ideal’ way for Type 1. If anyone has seen any, please point me in the right direction, thank you.

  6. Grass fed….did you physically watch the cow eat only grass?  Sounds like a good way to mark up product for greed.  So essentially your rolling the dice on everything and anything.  So to truly have healthy and grassfed meat or vegetable that are chemical free you would have to grow and raise your own.If you cook meat on a grill the flame (aka charr) has cancer inducing it puts into the meat.You drink water out of a bottle the plastic can put cancer in your water.You drink hot coffee out of a styrofoam cup it adds cancer inducing products as well.So in retrospect do what you can to have the cards stacked in your favor.  But in big picture terms chose your poison wisely.

  7. No. 2, eating grass fed beef will make a difference to your health? Karma is a bitch only if we are. There is no need to eat dead corpses and inflict that suffering on poor animals. It is not just all about us and what we like to "taste". I have not killed any animals in 45 years in my diet. Totally unnecessary and very cruel to do so! Hippocrates said to doctors "Do no harm" Dr. Perlmutter should know this.

  8. Thanks, Doctor.  Been doing keto (more or less atkins) for 20 years (I'm 63), but last few years i'm doing intermittent fasting, moderating the protein, paying attention to healthy fats, eliminating grain. My numbers are good and I feel good.  Regarding the brain and longevity, my goal is that – in the far distant future whenever I'm allowed nursing home visits with my kids -I don't want to HAVE to park next to the building, if the weather is nice that day.

  9. What UTTER BULL: meat should be a condiment! Hahaaa So Delusional. People eating a CARNIVOROUS DIET with copious amounts of meat, far higher than the "recommended amount" AND ZERO PLANT FOODS are reversing all bad health markers, metabolic diseases, autoimmune conditions, losing weight, and getting stronger! CLUELESS! 🙄 The doctor contradicts himself, by saying rely on fat & protien and then relegate protien to being a "condiment" – MORONIC!

  10. I skip breakfast almost every morning, and instead opt for a couple cups of coffee with coconut oil. I didn't really base this decision on any science, I'm honestly just lazy and enjoy coconut oil in my coffee for taste (I drink my coffee black). Is this a bad idea?

  11. I love to interrupt my daily fast with a huge salad and olive oil and some nuts…holy cow that food comes as a blessing everyday, so tasteful and replenishing…I'd never have a sugary snack at that point, it'd taste poisonous. Fasting is a powerful tool to make your body choose the right food

  12. I was brought to tears by Dr. P.’s story of his experience letting go of his beloved friend. Thank you for this! I have his earlier book and can’t wait to read his new one. I have lived much better thanks to his writing. Many thanks to Dr. Perlmutter and Abel James for posting this!

  13. How much protein would a 68 year old woman need, 5’11”,170 lbs, 23 BMI , to lose moderate weight? Ps.. same “ panic attack” happened to me about 6 months after my husband died. Heart rate went up to 166 beats per minute. Never happened again. Right now my macros indicate 81.4 grams of protein. I have been doing keto since March, 2017. Lost 45 lbs.

  14. What???    He is 61????    I honestly thought he was in his 40's.  That is amazing, his skin is so clear.  I'm going to listen to this guy 😉   Great interview.  Thank you 🙂

  15. I lost my favourite brother at 56. I wish I knew this 6 years ago. I have started this I.Fasting myself now. I am excited making new friends in the group. Having patience, one day at time, taking a while to learn. I am on my way, hitting the gym more. It's those drama stress days I don't enjoy with certain people. Like a spouse you'e trying to change .


  17. I thought you were very interesting I have been doing this all my life I've never been sick and in perfect health don't believe in taking any drugs and I hope I don't have any of these diseases when I get old love your program I just wish you would explain Milwaukee people of what to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner I think you should listen to yourself once then you'll know what I'm talking about appreciate it very much looking forward to another program

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