October 14


Epigenetics: David Shenk at TEDxLakeGeneva

By heheals

October 14, 2020

Adaptability Explorer
David Shenk

There are few authors who could write important books on subjects as diverse as Alzheimer’s, chess, genetics and information overload. Yet David Shenk’s background as a contributor to National Geographic, the BBC and the New York Times, to mention but a few, allows him to bring these diverse and complex subjects within the reach of all. David will be illustrating how we’re not as limited by our DNA as we used to think, and how the emergent field of epigenetics may well be the missing puzzle piece in the epic story of human adaptability.

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  1. Deathly Avoid any chip implant! They will destroy us. This guy has no idea of evolution. You think we are so intelligent as to modify evolution? Of course we evolve, but it's very, very subtle. A lot more consensus needed here.

    What is the lesson??? Eat well,and be a good parent. SHOCKING 🙂

  2. THIS. IS. AWESOME. Connecting the dots between homeostatis, neuroplasticity, epigenetics and natural selection is a holy grail of understanding. It can inform the new medicine of the 21st century and beyond. Kudos!!

  3. So what hope is there for the generation that will come after the one that is overweight, highly stressed, often angry and lacking in sleep? the generation that eats too much sugar and fat, and not enough of essential nutrients like vitamin D? But then again, perhaps this generation is the product of the one that endured the horror and privation of WWII

  4. Who needs all of this effing crap. I'm 70,in perfect health,  live in a 34 year old motorhome and every day is a new, exciting adventure.This guy is the epitome of some nasty stereotyping of a religious minority.

  5. AMAZING VIDEO SIR!! I need a biological upgrade because I want health and fertility and lots of attention from men. Good Evening, is it even possible that you and your team can use EPIGENETICS-GENE THERAPY on me to see if  I have "Pear Shape" or the Gonadal Body type genes? For those of you who are unfamiliar, The Gonadal Body type is a  pear-shaped female, with curvy rear and slender upper body. My birthday is coming up this April and I want a new body. I've always wanted to be shaped like an Amazon: thick thighs, big booty and tiny waistline, slender arms. I want the universal feminine physique: The classic Hip To Waist ratio of Fertility. I want the body of an Advanced Estrogenic Feminine Fertility Goddess. My physical Somatotype is a Female Mesomorph (Adrenal- Apple Body) with broad shoulders and thick shoulder blades, included is a bloated hard belly with straight hips. During puberty, I had extreme stress and negativity. I grew up in a harsh environment where male energy was necessary for survival. lack of protective male force in my life, even into my late 20's, I often had to use force and aggression to defend myself in a threatening less emotional stable environment. I believe this tricked my brain into secreting those muscle building hormones only and suppressing Estrogen and Oxytocin those nurturing, cuddly feminine hormones. Simply observing and reacting to my environment vs. living in the moment  at peace. Consequently my Estrogen was suppressed with the physiological stress responses-> Cortisol and Adrenaline, which have put my womanly body  to a complete halt. Don't get me wrong, my body managed to make enough Estrogen for Boobs but not enough to distribute to the Booty and Hips. Periodically, throughout the month, I have these mini spikes in the "Good" Estrogen. However, depending on my diet and stress levels, my Butt increases in volume but STILL its too firm and hard like a guy's ass. I want my Ass Soft, Jiggly and Teardropped NOT firm and square. In a nutshell, I strongly desire a slender upper body, narrow waistline, curvier hips and soft glutes.Those of you who have advice or comments please, gladly share with me. Love you all . Happy New Year!!

  6. … David spreads completely false idea, seems like David Shenk has no idea about "Genetic loads" /mutation loads and Neutral theory, that people via genetic transmit at least 2 bad mutations that next generation would carry…. Human genome has been dramatically shorted (women from 4'000 genes to 1'500 and men from 1'500 to 78 coding genes)… Human brain gets smaller from 1'500 gr to 1'320gr… We are in big degradation, regardless of technological progress our physicality gradate from genetic point of view on big scale picture…. David Shenk need to do some real study in latest anthropology, and works like James F. Crow (president of Genetics Society of America and Human genetics) and then spread that nonsense out of Tedx….

  7. Insightful talk from an accomplished author who writes equally well about technology and the human body. Shenk argues that upgrading the human body was once thought to be very slow—beyond the time scale of a single human—but in fact individual humans constantly adapt to the local environment. This happens because of three biological upgrade mechanisms: Homeostasis, Neuroplasticity, and Epigenetic Inheritance.  These all complement Natural Selection, but on a human time scale, rather than a species time scale. "You can't change your genes: the most fundamental thing about DNA is that it's stable," Shenk says. He then goes on to explain the epigenome.  Big take away: being middle aged is not the end, it's the middle.

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