October 15


Dr. Tuncay Baubec about What Is Epigenetics And What Can We Learn From It

By heheals

October 15, 2020

The talk of Dr. Tuncay Baubec during the workshop “Adaptive Epigenomics”, Konstanz, 24th July 2017.

The joint workshop combining the fields of clinical psychology and evolutionary biology was held to demonstrate how epigenetic studies can be used to build a bridge between human and animal research.
Invited international speakers provided insight into their latest research findings and future directions in the field. In addition, hands-on exercises provided training in the preparation and analysis of epigenetic data.
This workshop was financed by the Hector Fellow Academy and organized by the members Prof. Dr. Thomas Elbert, Prof. Dr. Axel Meyer, Dr. Amber Makowicz, Daniela Conrad and Maggie Sefton.



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