October 15


Epigenetics (Bad audio, watch the Re upload)

By heheals

October 15, 2020


Psychological damage could possibly be done even before birth. Many characteristics can be passed down from your parents and generations before you. Black kids at an early age think white is better and there’s scientific evidence to say it could be a term called Epigenetics.



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  1. The scary thing about these tests is that there are black police officers who are tested in a similar way with a white man holding a gun and a black man holding a gun.The black man with the gun always gets shot every time!

  2. I remember I took my little niece to Toys R Us to buy her a toy. She picked a white doll when it was a black doll right next to it exactly the same just black. I was like nah ima buy you this black one & she got so mad at me, that I had to tell her it was gonna be the black one or nothing. So she agreed & when we got to the cashier, the cashier looked at my niece and said well this is a pretty doll. My niece looked up and said my uncle wouldn't buy me the white one!!!! A line full of white people just laughed. My niece was only 4 years old and she had already been taught that white was better… This really hurt me at the time…smh. She is now 20 and does not believe this story…

  3. I remember watching a ted talks about epigenetics, n it made me think that me being sad n depressed n goin thru a hard time during my second pregnancy is y my second child has a difficult time processing his emotions. My first pregnancy thou was the happiest time of my life, even when something bad or sad happened, i was in such a good place emotionally it didnt negatively affect me n that is how my first child is, she is a social butterfly n always happy n nothing keeps her upset or discouraged. I believe my emotions n the way i thought n felt during those pregnancies had determined specific personality traits in my children.

  4. Is it self hate or wanting what they have…power? I mean being a slave is brutal and seeing that and living that…even today and especially as a child its brutal. I'm so damn mad looking at this.
    I remember when I was about 5,6 or 7 getn my hands on a book(can't for the life of me remember the title of the book) and seeing black children and that made me so happy.
    My mother hates natural hair to this day…she's 83. I Love natural hair. Mines is and I'm in my 50's.
    She literally ruined my hair as young girl by putn perms in it…never took care of it,but before perms it was the straightening comb(I'm talking about at a young age too…4 or 5 maybe).
    I always loved to watch SOUL TRAIN and was intrigued by the hair…the afros.
    I was pretty young then as well. I believe I would've been the one to point at the black dolls and say they were the pretty ones.

  5. Video was hard to watch. I'm Puerto Rican, use to be Taino Indian, slavery rape and murder to the point of genocide is in my history, and the Spaniards where way more brutal than the American. I did read both.
    In my immediate family skin color is as follows: I'm White, my mom is Brown, and the rest of my family ranges from white to dark purple. It never dawn on me, that one was better or prettier than the other.
    I did learn the difference in the streets.
    I've never hated myself, but I did hate the things I did.
    Thank you so much for your video.

  6. Epigenetics is the way in which environment directly effects inherited genetics. If your parents are alcoholics, you can inherit their addictive gene. However if you decide through your own free will to not do drugs or drink, you are way less likely to pass on that addictive gene. Thus changing the genetics of your future generations. Same with fear, racism, abuse, etc. It's basically the reason it's not environment vs genetics but rather environment AND genetics in all cases.

  7. This is an older video. Trust and believe those in power have not stopped trying to convince us that we are not worthy of life, lacking humanity. Racism isn’t dead, it just keeps changing form. In today’s world, you don’t need Nazis or the KKK. We’ve been trained to exterminate ourselves…

  8. You're channel has been incredibly insightful and eye opening. Thank you for your honesty and direct perspectives on parts of culture many people are unaware about, or pretend don't exist

  9. Growing up, I only had 3 white dolls….the rest of my dolls were cute & black!

    I never bought my daughter white dolls when she was younger….she told me the white Bratz dolls used to scare her 😂😂😂

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