October 15


What is Epigenetics?

By heheals

October 15, 2020

What is Epigenetics?

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Say again, Epi what?! In this video you’re going to be learning what is Epigenetics.

Hey everybody, it’s me Ameer. So, what in the world is Epigenetics? You keep on hearing this word epigenetics being thrown around everywhere on the Internet, here, there, I even talk about it all the time.

Well, let me break it down to you in a very simple way that you can understand. All of us, including you, have the same genes pretty much. We will have the same genetic makeup, 99.999999% all the same. Now, what Epigenetics is, is certain markers in your genes, think of them as a light switches, if all of us have the same gene, but each gene has a different light switch to either be ON or OFF. That’s the analogy I want you guys to think about.

If you are living in an environment that you are eating toxic foods, sleeping poorly, maybe in the presence of chemicals and pollutants, your epigenetic switch should be on for maybe cancer. But say you are living in an environment that you eat clean foods, you sleep properly, and you live a fulfilled life of exercise, health, your epigenetic switch should be off.

This is Epigenetics. It’s not your actual DNA changing and manipulating, it’s your DNA’s expression, like a light switch, it’s either on or off. That’s the most simplistic way I can explain to you what epigenetics is.

The beauty about this is, you can change your environment, and you can control your epigenetics. Your epigenetics is not set in stone. Like a light switch, you go in and out of the door, on and off. You can control it any single way you want, it’s up to you. Are you going to have your gene on for health or you’re going to have your gene off for health.?

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  1. Great question, yes this could be, key word "could" be a epigenetic issues. But also this may be correlated towards gut health and gut flora. Many things might be at hand, this is why I suggest to run Functional Lab tests. I use it everyday in my practice.

  2. nice video :). and one weiird questions. when I was little I used to love apples and cherries but as I got older and I starting eating them less and less and now whenever I eat both of them I get a allergic reaction to it. is this related to Epigenetics? or something else? thank you 🙂

  3. Great Question! Any food that your body reacts to can cause Acne. The solution is, we must identify this food. As in Spicy food, most will fall under the category of nightshades, which have been shown to be very inflammatory with individual that present autoimmune symptoms.

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