October 16


Ayurveda and Epigenetics: The functional medicine approach | Vedique Wellness

By heheals

October 16, 2020

In this episode of Vedique Wellness with Dr Shikha Sharma, James Maskell takes us through the idea of how Ayurveda fits well into the system of functional medicine.

Functional medicine is a new concept in America and in the west, but in India, the concept is not new. We have Ayurveda in practice for thousands of years. Culturally Indians are more open to Functional medicine, because of the familiarity with Ayurveda and its lifestyle-first approach.

Community is a major aspect in functional medicine, and this is a major roadblock in its implementation in the west. James Maskell highlights that in India you can see communities still as an integral part of societies, at least in rural areas.

For many years, the idea was that once we figure out the human genome, what caused every disease and get rid of every disease. But the truth is that epigenetic is more important. Epigenetics is basically the gene expressions.

Watch this video to learn more about the importance of Ayurveda and how it uses epigenetics to treat diseases.

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