October 16


Mystery of Copycat: Epigenetics & X inactivation

By heheals

October 16, 2020

The video is about energetically regulated phenotypes in cloned animals. The video explains the mystery of altered coat color in world’s first cloned cat the ‘copycat’. The process of X-inactivation during emrygenesis lead to the selection of melanocytes of one or other type (O/B) that along with white spotting locus determins the coat coulrs of calico cats.
Video also includes a breif history of Missiplicity project and current standing of animal cloning. Hope you will enjoy the video. Please don’t forget to give your feedback.
A correction: at 11:17 there is gap…it is both X chromosomes are reactivated in ICM at blastocys stage. Pardon


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  1. Sir, Male calico cat is possible when there lies any abnormality in chromosomes number like instead of XY if male would be XXY then there is a chance that a male cat could be a calico one…

  2. It is possible for a male cat to be calico and as you mentioned already in question it would be an abnormal karyotype which can be XBXbY. It will be a male and it will be calico. Thanks.🙂🙂(FA20-RMI-006)

  3. Male Calico is possible in syndromic conditions like when males are having XXY genotype so technically its not possible in Normal male cat when they have a conserved genome and epigenome.

    Irrespective of this the video is amazing.. I really enjoyed every version of your teaching skills.. Impressive Sir 👏👏

  4. Calico male cat is possible only when there is non disjunction of sex chromosomes and XXY condition results and one X chromosome carry B allele while other X carry b allele

  5. yes sir its possible but it is very rare case only one male cat is calico out of ten thousands male cats. it is possible in case of sex chromosomes trysomy with the combination of two x-chromosome and one y_chromosome.(Tariq Ali. SP20_RMG_020)

  6. Yes male cat can be Calico only in abnormal circumstances just like in human Klinefelter Syndrome which results in XXY. This is the only way in which one X will have"B" and other X will have "b" resulting in Calico Cat coloration in male cats like the female cats. (FA20-PBM-001)

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