October 18


Did You Just Say We Are ET Hybrids?

By heheals

October 18, 2020

If you are watching and listening to this video and resonating, you know who you are…
The universe is a rhythm that is comprised of infinite numbers of unique frequencies.
Hence we as an individual also hold a unique frequency and our “life” is also a series of frequencies.
Synchronicity is a way to witness and experience the universe in action tapping into the past, present and future beyond our linear senses of time. Synchronicity is an evidence, the physical manifestation of your frequency resonating with the self organizing intelligent universe and its infinite field of frequencies, that we also call consciousness. The truth is that it’s always been there, it’s always been the same, the law, the truth.
But when we “wake up” we suddenly see it differently, or we now“SEE IT”, period. And that SEEING is what changes us. and ultimately the whole universe. One person at a time
And the more you get attuned to its rhythm, the quicker it seems to present itself. And eventually the momentum kicks in that you experience the events in the ways that you can quickly grasp the bigger picture.
You now see yourself as the true creator. And as a result, you continue to finesse in making the right choices that serves you better. And consequently that creates the life you prefer.
So keep going. We all keep going. Keep building those Spiritual muscles.
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