October 18


Genetic diseases: how to cure , prevent or switch off inherited diseases (epigenetics)

By heheals

October 18, 2020

We all have inherited the genes from our ancestors, which also include our inherited disease causing genes with the potential to actually activate genetic diseases.

But did you know that according to the science of epigenetics, we can actually switch off our inherited disease causing genes?

When we are able to switch off our inherited disease-causing genes, we can prevent or even cure genetic diseases.According to science, it is not our inherited disease causing genes themselves that switch on our inherited diseases, but it is our own stress reaction to our environment that switches on our disease causing genes.

Welcome to this video. I’m Tom Nuyens from the Alive Academy.com. After having studied both physical and psychological health, after having survived a life threatening disease myself, it became my passion to help you, to let nature itself liberate you from the root cause of fear, pain and consequential dis-eases.

What I learned along the way is that nature is far more intelligent than we are.The basic principle of nature is: everything in life that is alive to the fullest, flows to the fullest, just like our blood flow for example.
And everything that stops flowing, blocks, breaks apart and becomes a flatline.In the same way, when we are living under chronic stress, caused by unsolved fear and pain, our body cramps and blocks, what we also call traumas.
It is in this chronic blocked, fight and flight mode, or stress-reaction towards our environment,that we inject our body constantly with fight and flight chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline, that chronically will knock our body out of balance.And according to the science of epigenetics,
that chronic stress-full reactiveness and blockage, will switch on our inherited dis-ease causing genes.

If we still wouldn’t solve the root cause of our stressful blocking reactiveness, than our switched-on inherited disease genes, might actually created genetic diseases.

To give you perspective and crystal clear direction towards liberation from the very root cause of our inherited diseases, towards a healthy flow again, I made the following fundamental animation for you.

My intention is that it will serve you in that direction.

more info: https://www.alive-academy.com




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  1. Not even 2020 can defeat your positive messages to inspire positive action and metamorphosis in those areas we need it. I’ve taken this year and renovated and rebuilt and improved every thing in my life within and without — except get back in shape, but that is my focus for the rest of the year. I transformed despite grief my ailing house after sudden widowhood to make it better than ever, learned to garden and so many things I only wished to before but told myself I couldn’t, redesigned my stone mason made garden, French stone irrigation system, planted and tended, redecorated my house after decluttering decades of too many lost loved ones lives I found myself lost in, and learned how to face new and old fears daily. Now I’m looking to apply this to my body and to the parts of my past and myself that made me overeat instead of be free. Thank you for making these videos and the system for a few years now, they only
    Improve and inspire more.

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