October 18


I Had My DNA Tested and Here Are the Results, Genes and Nutrition, Epigenetics, and Why You…

By heheals

October 18, 2020

Today we dive deep into the world of DNA and how it can impact your health in a profound way. I interview Lois Nahirney, the CEO and the President of dnaPower Inc. a company with the mission to empower people to make smarter diet, fitness, and health decisions based on their unique genetic makeup.

We unpack my DNA test results, looking at everything from diet preferences to my Alzheimer’s risk to the genes that impact my hormones and fertility. We even uncover what type of fitness and exercise my genes prefer, and how to maximize this.

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We also talk about:
– Epigenetics and how we can control gene expression
– How to optimize your DNA results in a practical way
– Why everyone should have their DNA tested

– dnaPower Inc website www.dnapower.com/ref/biohackingbrittany
– Instagram: @dnapowerinc https://www.instagram.com/dnapowerinc/
– Facebook: dnaPower https://www.facebook.com/dnapowerinc/

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